Tyre Safety Month 2020

In partnership with UK-based charity TyreSafe, Peoples Ford is helping raise awareness of Tyre Safety Month throughout October, with a FREE Tyre Safety Check.

In 2018, 169 people were killed or seriously injured in UK Motoring incidents where tyre-related defects were a contributory factor. The DVSA estimate that approximately 2.2 million cars fail the MoT due to tyre-related defects each year, accounting for 27.8% of all MoT failures.

TyreSafe is the UK’s charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres.

Ensure you book a FREE Tyre Safety Check this October, or alternatively you will receive this alongside any service and repair work as part of a free Ford Video Check††.

Check your tyres at home

Routine tyre maintenance is quick and easy, and consists of three areas: Air Pressure, Condition and Tread Depth (ACT). You should check your tyres at least once a month and before long journeys.

Air Pressure

  • Check your tyre pressures at least once a month or before any long journeys, when the tyres are cold (before you have driven more than a couple of miles).
  • Check the pressure in ALL tyres – including the spare.
  • Remember to use an accurate and reliable pressure gauge, and replace the valve caps securely after checking the tyre pressures.
  • Tyre pressures should be increased If you are planning a journey with a full load in line with the recommendations in your owner’s manual. These can also be found inside the fuel filler cap or on the driver’s door pillar.
  • Pressures can vary depending on load, speed and types of tyres, so if you’re not sure, just ask your local Peoples Ford.


  • Give each tyre a visual inspection to ensure it is in good condition.
  • Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts and remove any stones from the tread.
  • If something doesn’t look right, have it inspected immediately by your local Peoples Ford.

Tread Depth

  • The UK legal limit of tyre tread depth is 1.6mm.
  • If you are found to be driving with tyres below this limit, you could be penalised with three penalty points on your driving licence and a £2,500 fine.
  • Get a FREE tyre safety check at your local Peoples Ford as part of our free Ford Video Check with any service and repair work.

Book my free Tyre Safety Check

[††]Ford Video Check is a 30-point, visual-only inspection. We may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Our decision is binding and final in all matters. Contact your local Peoples Ford for more information.