Why go Electric? Find out with Sarah Sandison

This week I had the absolute privilege of driving the all electric Mustang Mach-E and well, I’m so impressed. In awe of its silence, seamless power between a hard break and acceleration, plus, it can park itself! It’s the perfect SUV you didn’t know you needed.

I had thought my next car would be a hybrid and then I’d make the step up to full electric after that. But having driven one, I need to own a fully electric car immediately.

They’re so quiet! Seriously, they’re silent. I live on a pretty busy road and I can’t tell you the difference it would make if all the cars on it were electric.

They’re better for the air we breathe. With no tailpipe, pure electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving. This reduces air pollution considerably. Thankfully, we can look forward to cleaner city air when there are more electric cars on the road.

Although the cost of an electric vehicle may be more than your usual petrol or diesel, there are significantly less running costs. No petrol/diesel, no oil changes, fewer moving parts affected by wear and tear. And if your mileage is modest, you could go a couple of years without any repair or servicing bills at all.

Today, all large supermarket car parks have charging points, often in the most desirable spaces! You can charge a range of around 70 miles in just 10 minutes with the Mach-E.

The government offers incentives on electric vehicles that are reducing over time. As of September 2021, a government grant of up to £2,500 is applied to the price of a brand new low-emissions vehicle. More specifically, the grant will pay for 20 per cent of the purchase price of the vehicle, up to a maximum of £2,500.

You can also receive £350 off the cost of a home charger (now reduced from its previous level of £500) and, separately, electric cars are exempt from company car tax. This increased to one per cent in April 2021, then will climb to two per cent in April 2022. It is hoped this will encourage the use of EV’s among company car fleets.

Now, if you live in an apartment you may think an EV isn’t a possibility for you. However, charging points are being installed in lampposts across some UK cities. Additionally, startups like Urban Electric Networks are developing 7kW chargers that rise out of the pavement like a bollard, then disappear into the ground when not in use. How exciting!

I encourage you to take the electric leap now. Better for our health, better for the environment, futuristic and super trendy. Plus, who doesn’t love blowing their kids minds on the school run?

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