Peoples Ford Value Servicing

Booking a service online is quick and easy!

Do you own a car over 3 years old?  Great news... you can enjoy a Peoples Ford Value Service.

Our highly skilled team of technicians are delighted to invite any make or model to undergo a Value Service at each of our 6 locations.

People’s Ford - Offering Ford Value Servicing

What's included in a Value Service?

Pre-Service Checks

Body defects



All mirrors

Washers & wipers


Low Level Checks

Battery condition


Add screenwash & top up fluids (excl anti-freeze)

Lubricate door locks

Check lights illuminate


Operation and condition of locks

Power steering fluid levels

Drive belts

Air filter

Fuel cap

Check cooling system for any leakage

Mid Level Checks

Remove all wheels, lubricate hub, refit and retorque

All tyre depths

Inspect and set all tyre pressures

Inspect front brake discs & pads

Check suspension dampers

Inspect brake lining wear and tear

Check brake wheel and cylinders

Inspect brake pads & hoses

Steering safety check

Check engine & gearbox for any leakage

Inspect rear brake discs & pads

Under Car Work

​ Drain & refill engine oil*

​ Fit new oil filter 

​ Check brake pipes & lines 

​ Check exhaust system 

​ Check for excessive oil leaks 

​ Road test & report 

​ Fit new sump plug washer 

Road Test Checks




Engine & Gearbox - including timing belt replacement date check

Heating system

Noise analysis

Check warning lights