Peoples Stories with Caitlin

Hi! My name is Caitlin, and I’m so excited to be working with Peoples Ford – this time with one of their most eco-friendly cars, the Ford Focus mHEV.

I run a little online vintage business called The Octopus Garden with my partner Mark. These are trying times for all small businesses, so we thought we’d take you through a day in the life of running a vintage business with the Ford Focus mHEV. From stock buying, to photoshoots, to attending events – having a car is a necessary part of running a vintage clothing business, and the Ford Focus mHEV makes it a breeze.

First, we needed to pack the car – usually my least favourite task! But there is so much boot space in the Ford Focus mHEV and the seats fold right down, which means we can pack as much vintage clothing in as we need. There was even space for our 6-foot rail! This is just perfect for any businesses who need to adapt in order to do deliveries.

Our next stop would normally be our event venue, so we wanted to show some small business love for all the places in Liverpool that would usually be hosting our little vintage fairs. The Ford Focus mHEV is perfect for city-driving! The dynamic eco-boost engine means you can change up the speed while driving in a much eco-friendlier way, and the rain sensing wipers make such a huge difference especially at this time of year! It also has an electric handbrake with an auto-hold function, which makes any hill-start super easy.

Then it was photoshoot time to get some stock photos on our website! We headed to the Baltic Triangle for some colourful backdrops, and the sound system and DAB radio was amazing for creating a fun photoshoot atmosphere! We always need somewhere to get changed really quickly, and the spacious back seats and rear privacy glass enabled me (and normally any other models!) to get changed into the next outfit, whatever the location – particularly in changeable weather!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at The Octopus Garden, that’s why we were so thrilled when Peoples Ford gave us the Ford Focus mHEV to run our business for the day in the most eco-friendly way we can! It’s definitely the best car we have ever driven.

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