Do you qualify?

Ford Motor Company have provided an Upgrade Support Fund to enable us to reduce stock.With additional support this is a great opportunity to change to a new Ford and potentially save. We have the largest selection of Ford cars in the UK with many in stock available for immediate delivery. You may qualify if you:

Currently drive an older car and are thinking of replacing it with another used car:

  • With the Ford Upgrade Fund you may be cheaper upgrading to a brand new car.
  • Reduce your running costs. No need to worry about servicing, renewing your Road Fund License or replacing tyres on your current car.
  • We have the largest selection of Ford cars in the UK and often they are in stock ready for immediate home delivery.

Currently drive a non-Ford:

  • The Ford Upgrade Fund provides additional savings of up to £1,000 to current non-Ford customers.
  • 0% APR is available across most of the Ford range.
  • Nothing to pay for 3 months.

Currently pay interest on your car finance agreement:

  • If you are currently paying interest on your vehicle finance agreement then this could be the ideal way to banish those interest charges. Get in touch and let us work with you to banish those interest charges.
  • We have a range of finance offers on certain models designed to sell those cars quicker – whilst stock lasts.

Speak to our team today to find out if you qualify

We’re here to help, 7 days per week. If you have a question or query, get in touch by filling in the form below and let a member of our team discuss whether you qualify for funds which could save you money. Get in touch and let us informally discuss your options. We can even help you from the comfort of your own home via a video appointment.

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