Keeping busy with Gemma Turner during lockdown.

At the time of writing this, it will nearly be a year since I’ve been in lockdown/shielding. It’s been very up and down like for all of us. I’m the kind of person that although I love human interaction - I’m very rarely bored. A lot of people have asked me “how have you shielded for so long!?” Well here are some things I’ve been up to… 


Yes, like most of us - I watched Queen’s Gambit and was hooked. I knew how to play chess from learning when I was younger. But after watching this show, I really wanted to get back into it. My friend told me that there was an app online that you could play with friends and people around the world. I really loved connecting with people in other ways rather than texts or calls. It also keeps your brain ticking! I loved it that much that I then was gifted a proper chess board for Christmas, so now I’ve moved onto playing with the family too. I’m really looking forward to the world opening up again and being able to play with friends face to face. 

Nintendo Switch

When I realised lockdown was going to be longer than we imagined, I decided to treat myself to a Nintendo Switch. I’ve also loved Super Mario games since I was young. I used to play them with my brother and so Nintendo is popular in our family. I was eyeing it up for a while and I kept seeing everyone talk about the famous Animal Crossing. I can confirm it’s as fun as everyone says it is. Although I have to admit, it took me awhile to understand how it worked. I was just picking up peaches thinking is this it? for a good month… anyway turns out it’s a whole lot of fun and it’s actually very mindful and relaxing! The thing I also love about the Nintendo Switch is for me it’s physically very accessible and adaptable. You can play it on the TV or you can sit it on a table close to you. The controllers are really small which is great for me, as well as light so not too heavy to carry if I want to bring it to a more comfortable spot.


Something I’ve been loving recently is listening to podcasts. Especially with not being able to practically anyone, it almost feels like a bit of company. I love that there are a huge range of different topics depending on the time of day or how you’re feeling. I love listening to celebrity interviews in the day time to have on just in the background whilst I’m working. Then on a night there are so many sleep themed podcasts that are brilliant to just chill to if you can’t sleep. I thought I’d list 3 of my favourite podcasts if you’re wondering what to listen to next…

  1. Phone a Friend with George Ezra and Ollie MN
  2. Happy Place
  3. Tracks to Relax

So there are just a few ways I’ve been keeping occupied with whilst in lockdown in between work. Right, must get back to the chess board!

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