Peoples Stories with Shaun Donnelly

Born in Ireland but currently spending his days on Merseyside, Shaun Donnelly is a content creator and lifestyle blogger with an inclination towards a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. Last weekend, we handed Shaun the keys to the All-New Ford Kuga to see how the car could become part of his daily life.

We caught up with Shaun earlier in the week to chat about his experience with the All-New Ford Kuga - you can read that conversation below.

Q. Just quickly, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

A. Yes, of course. So I’m originally from Ireland but have spent the better part of the last I head up the digital retail side of things for Utility, one of the city’s many great independent companies. Outside of that I’m a content creator of sorts, posting a mix of contemporary menswear, interiors and lifestyle bits on my Instagram account and blog

Q. So you’ve had a few days with the All-New Ford Kuga. How was it?

A. It was such a nice weekend. I’ve actually been considering buying a car now for the last few months and especially recently I’ve been craving the freedom that it offers. It was great to be able to just hop in the Ford Kuga and take a trip.

Q. What did you get up to over the weekend?

A. We decided to make the most of the good weather and had a day out at Formby beach. It was a great chance to shoot some film too, something I’ve been really enjoying dabbling with recently.. After a few months of lockdown, and being restricted to short walks around home, it was great to get out and spend some time in the city.

The Ford Kuga made it super easy - for a big car it’s surprisingly well set up for city driving. The automatic transmission helps with the old football knee injury, the hybrid nature of car means great mpg and the rear parking camera is a real help getting in and out of small spaces. If that doesn’t do the trick, the automatic parking has you covered.

Q. How was your experience with the auto park feature?

A. I can’t lie, the first time I hit the button I was nervous. I needn’t have been though. The on-screen steps are really easy to follow and the car had no issue parallel parking on a busy street. Top marks all round.

Q. So overall, a pretty good experience?

A. Yeah for sure. The car exceeded all my expectations - it was great. It was a joy to drive and it looks beautiful but after a few days of driving, the things that really stood out for me were little features that allowed me to just get on with my day.

  • The ability to open and close the boot from the key was a huge help, especially given that we were constantly loading and unloading camera gear.
  • The bluetooth was really seamless to set up allowing me to take calls, play music etc without any trouble.
  • The built in wireless phone charger under the dashboard came as a surprise and honestly, it was such a game changer. Being able to spend the day out and about without worrying about my phone charging is really helpful.
  • The rear parking camera is something I’d not used before but it took away any and all nervousness about getting in and out of spaces in the city.
  • The ability to charge the car at home was amazing. I was told I’d get a whole days driving out of the electric charge and was surprised to find that I did.

So yes, overall it was a great experience with the All-New Kuga. Feel free to hand me the keys back any time.

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