Peoples Stories with Suzy and Gary

During the October break we were lucky enough to drive off on an overnight adventure and we took the Fiesta Active along with us. Going camping with 2 young children is not for the faint hearted, and if you’ve done it before you know you need to have A LOT of boot space. We basically packed everything you could possibly imagine, and we even managed to shut the boot!

A few sneaky extras went at the kids feet as there was lots of space in the back and we comfortably fitted them in with their stage 2-3 car seats.

So, we are ready. The car is packed, the kids are buckled in, the navigation system is set and the playlist is on and we are off! We decided to head to the highland Perthshire, the drive is so beautiful and was only slightly spoiled by the question every parent dreads...”Mummy, are we there yet?” Driving around in the Scottish scenery is actually one of my highlights. The roads are narrow and windy but the Fiesta Active handled them really well, and everyone had a comfortable experience. After a night of posh camping (think wooden tent with heating and lighting) we packed the car back up and decided to head to the Queens View, which is absolutely stunning. The views over Loch Tummel and the iconic Schiehallion in the background were breathtaking, although I think the girls preferred tucking into the homemade soup at the visitor centre after!

We certainly managed to pack in a lot of memories during our 36 hours with the Fiesta Active. It was perfect for our family adventure. Good sized boot, high off the ground, the best navigation system I have ever used and a plethora of cup there anything more ideal?

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