Take the Wheel

The Peoples Ford Podcast

It’s time for conversation! The Peoples Ford Podcast is our opportunity to meet with our customers and friends to talk about life, the industry and everything in between. Tune in every 2 weeks for our latest episode in our new series ‘Take the wheel’

In the meantime, check out our Podcast episodes currently live and available to watch and listen to on your favourite Podcast streaming channel.

Episode 1 - Ben Rowland

Our very first episode of the Peoples Ford Podcast, ‘Take the wheel’ is now LIVE with Ben Rowlings.

What does being a Paralympian really mean? We speak about it all with British Paralympian, Ben Rowling. From the training schedules, competitions and mental mind state you need to stay focussed. We speak about the impact Ben’s Cystic Fibrosis has on him, both personally and professionally, the barriers he can sometimes face and of course how he overcomes them.

Available to watch now or to listen to on your favourite Podcast streaming channel.

Episode 2 - Catherine Lawson

NEW EPISODE The latest episode of our new #Podcast ‘Take the Wheel’ is now LIVE!

In our second episode of Take the Wheel, we talk with Catherine, owner of Barefaced Food. We talk about entrepreneurship, the highs and lows and the reason why being 100% sustainable through her delicious plant based food is so important.

Available to listen to on your favourite podcast streaming channel.