World EV Day

Saturday the 9th of September, when the world comes together to celebrate and raise awareness of the transition towards a more sustainable mode of transport. World EV day is a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to drive positive change and help raise awareness of the benefits of driving electric. Since 2020, this day has been a global movement, with opportunity to learn all about the latest EV technology and come together to take action to support the healthy transition towards a more eco-friendlier transport system.

Here at Peoples Ford, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to feel comfortable when switching to an EV. That is why we have a team of electric experts who are ready to ease all of your concerns and go through every aspect of the switch with you in detail. World EV Day isn't just about a celebration of a greener transition, it's also about helping you stay informed about everything that comes with switching. Visit our team of electric experts who can help answer all of your questions. We're here to help you towards your transition to a greener, more affordable electric driving lifestyle. Head along to your local Peoples Ford Dealership on World EV Day, or any other day at all, and we will be on-hand to help in every way we can.

The Ford Electric & Hybrid range:

Mild Hybrids (MHEVs):

A mild hybrid vehicle (MHEV) has a battery-powered electric motor that supports a conventional petrol or diesel engine to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. This is accomplished via the use of regenerative braking to charge the battery while you drive.

Self-Charing Hybrid (FHEVs):

Sometimes referred to as Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FHEVs), these combine a hybrid battery with a combustion engine in order to boost power and increase efficiency. The same as above applies here in that the battery charges via regenerative breaking. The vehicles are capable of covering short distances on electric-only power at lower speeds.

Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs):

A PHEV also combines the conventional engine with a battery-powered electric motor, and are also capable of short electric-only journeys. An example would be the Ford Kuga (PHEV) which can achieve an electric-only range of up to 28-41 miles. These vehicles are ideal of short trips around town and can contribute to fuel savings and much lower emissions.

All-Electric (EVs):

An all-electric vehicle runs on 100% battery power and charges from an electric charging point. These vehicles are zero fuel, zero emission and can easily get you to where you want to be with an outstanding range - the Mustang Mach-E can achieve a range between 293-372 miles on a full charge. You can benefit from thrilling performance and acceleration coupled with a smoother ride and cheaper costs.

Why Go Electric? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider the switch:

Lower running costs

Electric cars are a lot more cost efficient to maintain compared to traditional petrol or diesel-powered cars. Electric cars with their lithium-ion battery motors require no oil changes, no engine component replacements and won't have the wear and tear you would normally see occur on a combustion engine. What's more is, the cost per mile to run an electric car is generally cheaper than their petrol-powered equivalents, meaning that not only will you spend less on maintenance, you'll also save money as you go.  

Performance & long-distance driving

Around 10 years ago or so there was a stereotype that existed around electric cars that they were slower, less powerful and lacked serious range as compared to petrol & diesel cars. However, a lot has changed and changed fast as we now see electric cars outperforming the rest when it comes to acceleration and torque, while being able to achieve long-range driving. The reason they can achieve such high performance is the power is transferred straight to the wheels with no need for manual transmission. They also have fewer moving parts, meaning that power is transferred more efficiently. The Mustang Mach-E GT for example has an acceleration time of 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds. 

Emission-free & noise friendly

Electric cars are cleaner and kinder to the environment with their lithium-ion battery producing no fossil fuels. This means that no exhaust fumes are produced from the vehicle contributing to poor air conditions in cities and rural areas. This means that you can drive your electric car with total peace of mind that you are playing your part to keep your community clean and healthy. Furthermore, with EV's being powered by electricity, they have no need for the combustion process which greatly reduces the noise levels produced by the car.

Watch the video below where our colleague Greg drives the All-Electric Mustang Mach-E for an entire week, covering all things from range, charging times, charging costs & route planning with FordPass:


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Ford Puma

With its sleek and agile design, coupled with efficient mild hybrid performance, the Ford Puma is your backstage pass to the city. This Ford favourite can get you from A to Z in style. Don't wait around, there is a reason this is the nation's favourite, check out why the Puma is the star of the city streets.

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Ford Kuga

​With up to 28-41 miles of electric range and fully charged within 3.5 hours. The plug-in hybrid Kuga is one for those who like to keep their fuel costs low but their driving comfort experience high. If you enjoy saving on fuel but enjoy having that luxury feel to your interior then look no further than the Ford Kuga. 

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kuga st-line

All-Electric Mustang Mach-E

The electric Ford icon that packs a performance punch and is capable of outstanding range. The Mustang Mach-E is the brilliant zero-emission, zero-fuel star of the fleet that can get you where you need to be with no fuss. 73 miles charged in 10 minutes via a fast charge and a range of up to 293-372 miles, this is the all-electric car for you.

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