Approved Ford Servicing in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Accrington, Livingston and across Liverpool

Peoples Ford offer servicing and MOT on all makes and models of cars and vans

Through our knowledgeable team of experts, Peoples Ford deliver the highest standards of aftersales support for all our customers, and our wide range of services cover almost all eventualities. General servicing, MOT testing and extensive repairs are all undertaken, and with servicing plans available, the process of maintaining your vehicle is straightforward.

Our aftersales sites in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Livingston Accrington and across Liverpool are professionally equipped to serve you fully, and competitively priced/transparent quotes are always presented. To find out more about our aftersales offering, browse the website or contact your nearest Peoples location today.

Why Choose Peoples Ford

Taking your vehicle in for regular servicing at Peoples is a smart, cost-effective way of ensuring that it will operate at its full potential throughout its life. With proper maintenance and a full service history, a new vehicle will retain a significant proportion of its resale value should you decide to sell it on or part-exchange it down the line. Not only that, a main dealer service such as that offered by Peoples will enhance both the safety and efficiency of any car or commercial vehicle.

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Benefits of a main dealer service

The importance of maintaining your vehicle properly throughout its lifetime is obvious. Increased lifespan, higher resale value and peace of mind are just a few of the benefits of regular servicing, regardless of the type of car you own.

In a commercial context, proper maintenance becomes even more important, as very often the ultimate success or failure of a business depends on the quality and reliability of its fleet. Many motorists, therefore, make the decision to go through a main dealer for their servicing needs, which is often a smart, cost-effective way of ensuring that a vehicle remains in optimum condition.

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What our service includes

Vehicle servicing is vitally important if a car is going to continue to serve the needs of its owner long into the future. Without frequent, thorough maintenance, even the most reliable vehicles will begin to display signs of wear-and-tear.

Peoples is the premier dealership group for car and van servicing across Scotland and Liverpool. Our status as a main dealer ensures that when you bring your vehicle in for a service with us, we will go above and beyond what is normally expected in terms of technical expertise and attention to your car's overall health. Our servicing covers everything you would find at a competitor, along with a full vehicle inspection and diagnostic check, as we choose to go the extra mile.

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Why use manufacturer approved parts

When you book your car or commercial vehicle in for a service at a Peoples dealership, we will do everything in our power to ensure that it receives the very best care available. It's a part of our commitment to our loyal customers, who recognise us as the premier provider of vehicle servicing across Scotland and Liverpool.

A big part of our continued success as a vehicle servicing dealership group is down to our insistence on only ever using genuine, manufacturer-approved parts. If a new part is required for your vehicle one of our expert team of technicians will source it directly from the manufacturer in question, ensuring that your car remains at a consistent quality throughout.

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A vehicle warranty is a way of providing a safety net for your new or used vehicle should anything go wrong. Covering all the most important aspects of a vehicle's health, a warranty can ensure peace of mind long into a car's lifespan.

When you purchase a new car many manufacturers will offer a comprehensive warranty, which can vary in length anywhere between one month and seven years (sometimes longer). This will ensure that if there is a fault which emerges during the agreed warranty period, the vehicle will be repaired and maintained to a high standard without leaving the customer with a huge bill. Depending on the nature of the contract, the customer may only be expected to pay for a percentage of the overall costs, or perhaps simply for the cost of replacement parts.

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