Chairman's Message

A message from Brian Gilda - Peoples Chairman & MD

For over 32 years Peoples have been providing Award Winning Customer Service and delivering Award Winning vehicles. Indeed, our customers are at the heart of our DNA – thanks to you, we are now the largest independent Ford dealer in the UK and Europe.

That's what sets us apart from the rest – we put the customer first. Many car dealers have come and gone over the course of the last bunch of years in what is a fiercely competitive marketplace. The good survivors are the ones who not only retain their customer base but increase it too - that's what we are good at. By ensuring that all of our customers have a pleasurable experience, we see them coming back time and time again. It is therefore no surprise that we have won the Ford Chairman's Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction on multiple occasions.

2015 promises to be a very exciting year for us. We welcome the Ford Mustang to the UK for the very first time along with the new Ford Vignale. Not only that, but 2015 will also see selected Peoples dealerships become Ford Stores – where customers can enjoy interactive technology in state-of-the-art surroundings. Commercial vehicle customers also have something to look forward to as we have launched Ford Transit Centres in Edinburgh and Liverpool – offering extended opening hours and a huge list of other benefits.

At Peoples, we guarantee choice, value and satisfaction, so please make us your Destination Ford.

Peoples Chairman's Promise

If you were any less than completely satisfied, or if someone from Peoples lets you down, I want to know about it. The buck stops with me. Therefore, I invite you to contact me at anytime on my personal email address; and I promise to be in contact with you within 24 hours.