Ford Sync with Text Reader

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What is Ford Sync with Text Reader?

Ford Sync technology is designed to keep you connected and entertained when in your Ford vehicle. Offering seamless integration with your smart device, Ford Sync offers voice activated commands for calls and media operation – all of which is hands free to avoid distraction whilst driving. Text messages can be read out to you whilst you drive and all of your music and calls can be streamed to your internal speakers for immersive entertainment whilst driving.

How does Ford Sync with Text Reader work?

Ford Sync works primarily by pairing your smart device via Bluetooth. Once connected to your car or van, Ford Sync will provide access to your phone book so that you can assign voice commands to phone book records enabling you to call specific individuals with voice commands, allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. Music stored on your smart device or any audio streaming services you have access to can also be streamed via Bluetooth to your internal speakers via Ford Sync technology.