Why You Should Learn to Drive in 2022

As the end of the year grows closer it’s natural to start looking ahead to 2022, and many people choose this time to make New Year’s resolutions. If you’re thinking about a challenge for the New Year then learning to drive might be the challenge for you, no matter what age you are! We look at some reasons why you might choose to seize the moment and learn right now.


There’s a freedom that comes with driving that really can’t be underestimated. Being able to make journeys without being tied to public transport schedules and fixed routes, paying for expensive taxis or relying on friends and family for a lift can be really liberating. This can be especially true for people with disabilities, like our Motability blogger Gemma. Gemma is currently learning to drive and looking forward to taking spontaneous trips when she passes. Check out her recent blog with all the destinations she is planning to go to!

Road Trips

There is nothing better than a good road trip with friends, family or even just the dog! The Coronavirus pandemic made many people appreciate the beautiful places to visit that are a little closer to home and we think that road trip holidays in the UK will be popular in 2022 as well. There is so much spectacular scenery to discover and it’s often easier to get there by car. For inspiration why not take a look at our Motability blogger Emma’s recent visit to the Three Loch’s Forest Drive, a stunning route just outside of Callander

Challenge Yourself

Having something to work towards can be great for your mental health and learning new skills helps keeps our minds active. When you finally pass that feeling of success will be more than worth it. Maybe you’ve thought about learning to drive for a long time but always put it off due to other commitments, well 2022 could be the year you challenge yourself to do it!

Career Opportunities

There are some jobs for which driving would be considered an essential requirement and there are also some workplaces which are impractical, or impossible to get to without access to a car. If you’re on the lookout for a job or considering making a career switch, then learning to drive might improve the variety of roles you can apply for. You might even find you have a real love for driving and want a career behind the wheel!

Wait Times are High

This might sound like a reason not to learn to drive next year but stick with us – if you’re just starting out then this could be a good thing! The current average wait time for a test in the UK is 15 weeks, with some areas being close to the maximum of 24 weeks. You can use this to your advantage by taking a few lessons to get a feel for how you are doing and then going ahead and booking your test. This will give you a definite goal to work towards, while the longer wait time will give you plenty opportunity to get the practice in with your instructor.

Automatic Cars are on the Rise

When you learn to drive you can choose to do so in a manual or automatic car. An automatic car is arguably easier to drive as you don’t have to factor in changing gears, or finesse your clutch control. The downside is that if you pass in an automatic car you are only eligible to drive automatic cars. However electric cars continue to increase in popularity and these are exclusively automatic, so learning to drive an automatic is now more appealing than ever.

Are you planning to learn to drive in 2022 or can you give any tips to anyone planning to take lessons? Head over to our social media and let us know.

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