Peoples Stories

‘Peoples Stories’ is a series of short stories exploring how the latest Ford Range helps our friends and customers do what they love. To learn more about the Ford Range or what our friends got up to while out and about, just click on the stories below. 

'Peoples Stories' with Shaun Donnelly.

Shaun headed out the All-New Kuga PHEV for the weekend. Click here to read our Q&A session with Shaun, his thoughts on the All-New Kuga and Fords advanced technology.

'Peoples Stories' with Hayley Margot

Hayley, her boyfriend and their friends headed out on a weekend adventure with the New Puma. Just click here to learn more about what they got up to and what the loved most about the Puma.

'Peoples Stories' with Tristan Harper.

Tristan is an active outdoor adventurist and loves to be out climbing. He got behind the wheel of the Ford Ranger and headed his favourite spot with his four legged friend, Nacho.