Ford Acquire Finance for Commercial Vehicles

Ford Credit Explained

Ford Acquire Details

This is our traditional hire purchase plan, offering customers flexible terms to suit their needs whilst being convenient to setup. The package is simple, once you have chosen the Ford vehicle you want to buy, you choose the deposit amount and monthly repayment duration period. If your company is VAT registered you will need to pay the VAT amount in full with the deposit.

Of course we can tailor the deposit amount and payment duration to suit your needs. With your instant quotation you'll be able to see what your monthly repayment amount will be including the finance setup fee and interest. Once everything has been agreed the vehicle is yours to drive away.

At the end of the agreement, your business will own the vehicle provided all payments and the purchase fee have been made.

Ford Acquire Finance

Alternatively, if you have chosen a Ford commercial vehicle, the Ford Acquire option is available with a balloon payment. If this is the case, then your final payment will be the balloon amount. Once all payments including the balloon payment have been made then your business will own the vehicle.

Ford Acquire at a glance:

- Traditional form of vehicle financing

- Fixed interest rate for length of agreement

- Fixed regular payments to suit your needs

- Deposit amount and repayment periods to suit your needs

- Your business owns the vehicle at the end of the agreement (provided all payments have been made)

- Your business retains any profit from the sale of the vehicle

- Writing down allowances may be available

- Regular payments can be reduced with the balloon option

- Includes Ford Fleet Accident Management

Terms and conditions apply. To find out more contact Peoples Ford today.