The following disclosure describes how the Directors have had regard to the matters set out in Section 172(1) (a) to (f) required under Section 414CZA of The Companies Act 2006.


Customers are at the heart of our DNA and thanks to them we are now the largest independent Ford dealer in the UK and Europe. We put the customer first and that is what sets us apart from the rest. We aim to ensure that all our customers have a pleasurable experience and we see them coming back time and time again. We have won the Ford Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction on multiple occasions. Customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted throughout our business and acted upon.

We publish our Chairman’s Promise on our website

“If you are less than completely satisfied, or if someone from Peoples lets you down, I want to know about it. The buck stops with me. I invite you to contact me at any time on my personal e-mail address – shown on our website – and I promise to be in contact with you within 24 hours.”

We are one of the few modern businesses which make the Chairman easily accessible to our customers


As a business we are only as good as our employees. “Peoples” is the key difference between our business and our competitors. We keep our employees fully informed of matters affecting them through regular Chairman’s broadcasts and a very active Workplace site

As a consequence we have a very loyal workforce.

We also anonymously conduct full upward 360 degree employee surveys from which we get invaluable feedback from our employees


Unusually we only represent one manufacturer – Ford Motor Company. As a consequence we have a very close relationship with the Directors of Ford both in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Our views are respected as it is recognised that we have no conflicts of interest with other manufacturers


As a business we have no significant borrowings but we still maintain strong relationships with our bankers and consumer finance providers. Indeed we have been with our bankers - Bank of Scotland - since inception. We have regular meetings/discussions with them and satisfy all their requirements usually in advance of being asked. Our finance facilities are renewed with the minimum of fuss. As a business we ensure that we can cover all our current and foreseeable finance requirements.

Provision of finance for our customers is a key part of our business and we do this and have done so for a number of years in a manner that is compliant with the latest FCA review of the motor finance market


The company is effectively controlled by the Directors of the holding company whose interests and rewards are inextricably linked to the well- being of the company. As we have no significant borrowings we ensure that the future finance requirements of the business are met out of retained earnings.

Wider community

We actively engage with the wider community through our social channels – you can read about “Tristan and the Transit” or follow Chris, Rona, Sarah and Hayley as they travel the country test driving product.

We support local charities and sports clubs.

We are open and transparent in our dealings with regulators be it HMRC, the FCA, Trading Standards or the energy authorities. We fully and timeously comply with all reporting requirements.

Principal Decisions

We define principal decisions as both those that are material to the Group, but also those that are significant to any of our key stakeholder groups.

In making all principal decisions the Board considered the outcomes from its stakeholder engagement processes in addition to maintaining our reputation for high standards of business conduct and the need to act fairly between members of the company.

This Statement covers;

Peoples Limited (SC080359)

Peoples Ecosse Limited (SC176576)

Peoples Liverpool Limited (SC112752)

25 September 2020