Business & Commercial Vehicle Finance

Commercial Finance Explained

Ford Credit has been utilised by many businesses and motorists since 1963 due to its accessibility and affordability. Millions of customers have been able to buy their vehicles with Ford Credit and Ford Lease over the year as one of the biggest automotive finance companies in the world and Peoples Ford have a range of finance products available to help you drive away your new vehicle today. At each of our dealerships across Scotland and Liverpool, our experienced team of staff will be on hand to discuss your personal and business circumstances and identify the best finance option to suit your needs. We can also provide instant quotations to help you decide which vehicle to purchase and how it will fit in with your personal and commercial affordability.

Peoples Ford offers 4 different finance packages for customers buying a vehicle for business use. Depending on your circumstances, this might be on Ford Credit or Ford Lease. Explore the options below.

Terms and conditions will apply for each credit agreement but our sales team will be able to walk you through the entire process and identify the best setup to suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- What are the tax or VAT benefits when financing business vehicles? Tax and VAT implications will vary from business to business and we would always recommend speaking to an independent financial advisor before making any decisions about your business acquiring a vehicle. 

- Are there any fees charged? Ford Contract Hire and Ford Finance Lease do not incur any charges. Depending on current marketing promotions, the fee for Ford Acquire plans will vary so please speak to a member of staff at Peoples Ford for further information. 

- Who owns the vehicle? For Ford Acquire, your business will own the vehicle once all payments including the final balloon payment where applicable along with the purchase fee have been paid. For Ford Contract Hire, Ford Lease (the lessor) is the legal owner of the vehicle, however the customer (the lessee) is responsible for any service, maintenance and repair costs unless they have been agreed as part of the finance agreement. Any other costs such as parking fines, traffic violations and accidental damage will also be the customer's responsibility. For Ford Finance Lease, Ford Lease (the lessor) is the legal owner of the vehicle and the customer (the lessee) is the registered keeper of the vehicle. 

Aimed at commercial vehicles, this leasing option is setup for you to sell the vehicle at the end of the agreement with any proceeds from the sale being returned to you.
This is our traditional hire purchase plan, offering customers flexible terms to suit their needs whilst being convenient to setup.
If you’re not looking for your vehicle to be owned by the business, Ford Contract Hire provides an alternative to vehicle ownership, with a set number of fixed monthly rentals at the end of which the vehicle is simply returned with no disposal worries to be concerned with.
Interested in buying a vehicle on finance for personal use? Visit our personal finance area to see what options are available.