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Peoples Ford Are Proud to Support Team Jackie Moo-Art

You may have seen Morag on TV, in the papers or online. She's everywhere!

Who's Morag, you ask? Well she is Team Jackie Moo-Art's noble steed who will transport them on the most epic fund-raising motoring adventure around... The Mongol Rally.

Raised by Peoples Ford and groomed by Hilary from Highland Cow Art, Morag now belongs to Graeme Donohoe and Team Jackie Moo-Art. They will face the 10,000 mile marathon from Glasgow to Mongolia. Their purpose is 2-fold... Firstly because this has been a dream of Graeme's for many years and to mark his 40th birthday, he promised himself he would make the journey of a lifetime and put himself to the test while he is still fit enough to do it. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly - they are taking part in the Rally in aid of Sir Jackie Stewart's charity, Race Against Dementia.

If you'd like to know more about the team, visit Team Jackie Moo-Art's website.

If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause click here

Follow their journey here

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Ford Custom Paint Tools Charity Jackie Moo
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Fluffy Ford Charity Complete Jackie Moo

You can follow Graeme and Team Jackie Moo-Art's incredible journey through the unknown on our Facebook page. Go on and follow us now to make sure you don't miss the updates.

Everyone at Peoples Ford wish Team Jackie Moo-Art the best of luck! We’ll all be following your journey along the way.

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